In The Beginning...

A group of nine riders and friends helped to start an organization while relaxing after a motorcycle ride at our local Tim Horton's. We were just sitting around and thought it would be a great idea to form a group of motorcycle riders. These motorcycle rides would benefit charities, but also would allow us to do a lot of riding. We wanted to provide a safe and social riding atmosphere for all riders no matter what they rode, whether or not they are seasoned riders or new riders.

So the Original Nine was formed and we called ourselves Canadian Legion of Riders.

December 14, 2006 The Original Nine officially signed as members of the Canadian Legion of Riders.


Ride for a Vet

Bernie Levasseur with the help of friends Don Bush, Glenn Kulyk and Jim Giefer helped organize the first annual 'Ride for A Vet'.  In 2002 the donation was made to the Boys and Girls Club. The following  consecutive years our support went to the Legion with the cause being VETERANS UNMARKED GRAVES. Thousands of dollars were donated towards the said cause. This has been an ongoing event till this date. In 2006 the newly formed CANADIAN LEGION of RIDERS came to life and are now continuing to hold the RIDE FOR A VET charity poker run.


Goals & Objectives

1. That and organization of motorcycle enthusiast have formed an association to support            Charitable Activities in the Battlefords and Area, such as the Poker run Toy Run etc. The CLR is a not-for-profit organization.

2. This organization is called CANADIAN LEGION OF RIDERS. (CLR)

3. The purpose of the CLR is to:
    a. To attract motorcyclists and supporters to the CANADIAN LEGION of RIDERS.
    b. Establish comradeship, social activities and support local events within the Community.
    c. To be proactive within the CANADIAN LEGION of RIDERS and/or Legion Activities

4. The goal of the CLR is to:
    a. To make membership attractive to as many people as possible.
    b. Create a new central point for membership on a National Level.
    c. Give members a n important role in developing the CANADIAN LEGION of RIDERS.
    d. Develop a website/newsletter to communicate with membership and the Community.
    e. Insure that the CANADIAN LEGION of RIDERS can be financially and administratively self supportive.

5. The objectives of the CLR are:
    a. To familiarize the community with the CANADIAN LEGION of RIDERS.
    b. To provide a safe and enjoyable riding environment.
    c. To provide training to new riders in group riding.


The Canadian Legion of Riders would like to thank the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 70, the volunteers, and all their members, who devoted their time and services in all the funding raising events. THANK YOU.

Original Founding Members

From left to right:
Russell Batt, Les Knutson, Wayne Lynch, Tom Young, Ray Marjoram,
Glenn Kulyk, Leo Brennan, Ken Sigurdson, Bernie Levasseur

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